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Center for Mind enabling

Days: Monday – Friday

9 AM to 5 PM

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Our Services

With expertise and experience, we provide these services to you

Appointment Booking

Online appointment scheduling for a complete stuttering treatment clinic visit is available through the contact numbers listed on the official website or Instagram page of the center

Initial Consultation

Visit Dr. Taghi zadeh for an initial consultation to assess the level and type of stuttering, as well as the number of necessary instructional sessions to achieve a 100% complete, comprehensive, and sustainable stuttering treatment

Participation in Educational Classes

Sessions for definitive stuttering treatment and therapy sessions, as well as educational classes and techniques, are held once a month after the initial visit and evaluation by the doctor. The treatment session lasts between 5 to 6 hours


Achieving the ultimate goal, which is complete and non-recurrent stuttering treatment, only occurs when you, our esteemed visitor, regularly and continuously participate in therapy sessions until the end of the complete and non-recurrent treatment, and your speech is entirely in accordance with therapeutic techniques

About Us

The Only Specialized Center for Definitive and Non-Recurrent Stuttering

Treatment The Center for Mind enabling, founded in 1393 (2014), by Dr. Mohammad Ehsan Taghi zadeh, a psychologist and a faculty member at the university with 20 years of research, treatment, educational, and counseling experience, was officially introduced on the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). To date, more than 8,000 individuals have reached definitive clinical and experimental stuttering treatment. This center, the only specialized center for definitive and non-recurrent stuttering treatment, utilizes mind simulation and psychotherapeutic methods, pioneered for the first time in the world under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Ehsan Taghi zadeh, a university faculty member and a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), the Iranian Clinical Psychology Society, and the American Psychological Society



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Our Team

The Only Specialized Center for Definitive and Non-Recurrent Stuttering Treatment

"We are thankful to God and proud to be part of the Center for Mind enabling, recognized as a scientific, academic, educational, and therapeutic institution with legal permits from the National Psychology Organization and under the supervision of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences. Our dedicated team, consisting of healthy, capable, ethical, experienced professionals, both at the bachelor's and master's levels, is committed to serving the global community, our beloved country, and the people of Iran. With the hope of a world free from stuttering, we have always said: 'My dear, I will transform the darkness of your stutter into the brightness of fluent speech

Did you know?

1. The Center for Mind enabling is the only center in the world that offers definitive and non-recurrent stuttering treatment?
2. Dr. Mohammad Ehsan Taghi zadeh is the first and only doctor who has achieved complete and non-recurrent stuttering treatment in Iran and globally?
3. To date, over 9000 individuals from all over Iran and the world have achieved complete and non-recurrent stuttering treatment?
4. The Center for Mind enabling has the most experienced and specialized team for serving individuals with stuttering?
5. In terms of volume, number, and clinic facility size, it provides the largest specialized services to individuals with stuttering?
6. The Center for Mind enabling offers its services to all countries worldwide?
7. At the helm of this center is an academic, university-affiliated figure, committed to professional ethics, compassionate, a patriot, and devoted to serving the Iranian and global community?
8. In addition to in-person services, it also offers online therapeutic and educational services?

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About the Unique Center for Mind enabling

Highest Standard:

At the Center for Mind enabling, we have strived to provide the highest level of standards in all educational and support aspects to ensure that we deliver flawless and quality services to our valued clients. Your most important and fundamental expectation is achieving complete and non-recurrent treatment, and you will achieve this, provided that exercises and techniques are performed according to the instructional and therapeutic package provided by Professor Taghi zadeh

Best Education and Support Team:

We take pride in ensuring the best education, treatment, and educational support team for our esteemed clients in all corners of the world. We are honored to offer the best educational and therapeutic staff in our field and provide educational support for exercises and techniques to serve the global community and our beloved country, in pursuit of complete and non-recurrent stuttering treatment

The Only Definitive Stuttering Treatment Center:

The Center for Mind enabling, under the guidance of Dr. Taghi zadeh, is the only center in the world that offers definitive, complete, and non-recurrent stuttering treatment. The Center for Mind enabling is recognized as a scientific, legal institution, utilizing university-based methods, and holding official licenses from relevant authorities. As an exclusive and unique center, it has no branches anywhere in Iran, except for the Tehran branch located on Nelson Mandela Street

A World Without Stuttering:

At the Center for Mind enabling, we have put into action the grand dream of definitive and non-recurrent stuttering treatment throughout the history of humanity. We confidently declare that stuttering is treatable. If you visit the American Stuttering Foundation's website (search for it), you will see that this foundation, with all its grandeur, states on its official website, "We only control stuttering, and stuttering is not definitively treatable."