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Center for Mind enabling

Days: Monday – Friday

9 AM to 5 PM

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Biography Professor Mohammad Ehsan Taghizadeh

Professor Mohammad Ehsan Taghizadeh, Director of the Mind Enabling Center and Associate Professor with 20 years of experience in treatment and education in the field of counseling and psychological services
In 2014, with the establishment of the Mental Empowerment Center, he began his work in the field of stuttering treatment. And so far it has been able to bring more than 7,000 people around the world to definitive treatment without the return of stuttering.


-Associate professor and psychologist .Faculty member of psychology department P.N. University of Tehran.
-Bachelor of clinical psychology from the university of Isfahan
-Master degree of psychology from tarbiat Modarres university
-PHD in psychology from allameh tabatai university
-Founding father of “mind simulation method” and “language of the mind” and the first doctor to achieve absolute treatment for stuttering in the world
-Faculty member and university professor ,holding the chair of cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT)
-Authoring 100
-Articles published in scientific- research publications and ISI and ISC in the field of psychology and stuttering (using he method invented by DR.Taghizadeh)
-A member of American psychological Association (APA) and Iranian association of social psychology and counseling organization of iran holding specialized license of psychological council number 1838
-Formulating more than 100 scientific scales in the fields of clinical and cognitive psychology
-Authoring and translating more than 50 university textbooks in the fields of psychology including A practical guide to cognitive- behavioral therapy by Dobson.
General psychology by Rober Feldman, intelligence and assessing it.
-Editor in chief or rehabilitators psychology publication
-Under my management,the Mental Enabling Center has been able to treat about 8000 people with stuttering problem in Iran and other American,European and Arabian countries
-Author of the book “absolute and irrevocable treatment of stuttering”
-Author of the book “mental simulation and its applications in the treatment of stuttering”